Pampers Village

I wanted to share a great (free) program with you all. Who hasn't heard of Pampers? Sign up here for their Pampers Program and start collecting POINTS! Which can be traded in for FREE things - not to mention lots of free samples that they send you along and along. On this page I will keep a current list of Pamper codes that I've found here and there that will get you free points. (If any of you buy Pampers products, let me know the codes - see below where they can be found - and I'll post them here for everyone!)


WELCOME2PAMPERS                  50
CAREFORNEWBORNS                 10
GTGCOUPONPOINTS                  10
PAMPERS4MOMSOND                 10
PAMPERSGTG10PTS                   10
NEWWIPESPACKAGE                  10
CONGRATS2NEWMOM                10
GTGWELCOME10PTS                  10
PUNTOSPARAMI123                   10
10PTSFREECODE4U                   10
JOINNOW4REWARDS                 50
SEP3PGW7NRKYWXK                 10
WELCOME2VILLAGE                   10
2BEGINEARNING50                    50
GIFTSTOGROW4MOM                 50
GETSTARTEDNOW10                  10
PAMPERS4MOMJFM1                   10
GTGREWARDS4MOMS                 10

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