Monday, June 27, 2011

Write that down!

I'm realizing how fast my babies are growing up. My big boy is almost 4, and says the funniest things. Someday I'll be so happy that I wrote these down. Because as sweet and as cute as they are, this mommy brain just isn't going to be remembering them. Precious memories.

Big brother: I have a broken leg Mama. (Said very calmly)
Me: You have a broken leg!?
Big brother: MmmmHmmm
Me: I’m sorry to hear that, where is it broken?
Big brother: Here, and here, and here. (Showing me scratches from industrious play outdoors).
Big brother came to wake me up from naptime, and began telling me all about…
Big brother: ”A Hitte (little – not German, just how he pronouces little) owl in our house Mama. And it has a hitte eye. And Papa stepped on it. And now it is Tod! (dead)”
I was still a bit disoriented and had to ask “what was in our house?”
Big Brother: A hitte owl! EULE Mama! (Owl in German)
Want to see it Mama? Come, I show you.
So I dragged myself out of bed and followed him.
He excitedly pointed to something very small at the foot of the bed, and upon closer inspection I discovered the “owl that Papa had stepped on”.
It was a moth. Grin.


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