Monday, June 6, 2011

Fun Bib Giveaway!

OK, anyone with kids like mine know that you can't have too many GOOD bibs. GOOD in all caps, because BAD bibs are a dime a dozen. I've had to add too many cute little shirts to the "around the house" pile because of a bad bib. The way I see it, it's all about math. Bad bib + small child = irremovable stains

All right, fine - so it's an extreme example...

Below would be an example of a "bad" bib. Or at least insufficient, definitely on the small side for a toddler... Notice aforementioned stains. But if the main bib is in the wash, then better too small than nothing. But best would be to have a couple of "main" ones, rather than just having one good bib.

WELL, Nivette over at LoveDoveDesigns has gone and solved the wrong-size bib problem. She's got two sizes going, one for toddlers and one for babys. Now why didn't I think of that? (Grin) I got to review one that she picked out for me, and was very pleased with the workmanship. A pet peeve of mine is velcrow fastened bibs. What child is not able to pull those off, often succeeding in scratching the back of their necks? I mean, really... OK, AND, another pet peeve is one layer bibs. I'm sorry, but once my children make the transition from nursing/ bottles to eating, the bibs MUST have more than one layer! Nivette's have three layers! Wow. Very plush.

Below: Plush Toddler Bib
Plush Toddler Bibs

Below: Plush Baby Bib
Plush Baby Bibs

SO, want to win one for you!? These great bibs are definitely worth the easy entry chance.
On June 20th I'll contact my drawn winner via email!
Open to USA residents!

Nivette, my children's shirts say thank you!


fordcowgirl_85 said...

I really like the scrappy baby girl quilt - I love the fact you can reuse or just plain use scraps to create something beautiful.


fordcowgirl_85 at hotmail (dot) com

Tim, Allyson, and kids said...

This is my favorite item.

We love big bibs around here :)
a_heart4home at yahoo dot com

Drake said...

I like the argyle loviedovie.

EnglishRose said...

I can't find a name, but I like the one with the blue and brown stripes and the one snap around the neck.

jenniekcoupons at gmail dot com

Evelynn's Mom said...

That Scrappy Baby Girl Quilt is absolutely precious!

Boysnberries' Brambles said...

I am in love with the mama push pins.

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