Thursday, June 16, 2011

Enjoying the simple things...

God’s been teaching me a lot about just sitting back and appreciating the small things of life that He’s given. There are certainly lots of really big things, but I tend to focus on those (which is ok), and not even notice the myriads of small things.

1. I am enjoying my children learning to talk. They say the sweetest things that make me just melt. I’m trying to savor these quickly passing years while they are small. Because once they can talk like the big people, I’ll miss those precious little things they think up. A couple of examples right off of the top of my head:

My big boy:

We were at a playground swinging on the swing. I was pushing my big boy and he was encouraging me to push him so high. “Higher Mama! Ich möchte SOOOOOO hoch gehen! (I want to go SOOOOOOO high). I want you to push me so high to God! I want to swing so high to where God is Mama!”

He had just woken up in the morning and he gave me a big hug and said, “I love Mama so much! I be a good boy today and obey Mama. I love God so much too and obey God too Mama. God say ‘children obey your parents in the Lord for this is right’.”

2. My children in how they relate to one another.

My little girl: although she echoes what we say a lot her big word these days is “NO!” And it drives her big brother crazy. Literally. He’ll tell me that he wants a drink and little sister promptly says “NO!” He says “Yes!” and of course she says “No!” and it goes on and on until one of us tells them to stop. Then he’s so frustrated and asks, “why (my sister) say ‘no’ Mama?” The funny thing is (although I can’t smile about it), she does it for just about everything he says. So they have definitely entered the phase where there’s a lot of fighting going on. And although I don’t enjoy the fighting part of it, I find it so neat how they relate to each other.

Even though they fight big brother is VERY protective of little sister, and comforts her whenever she’s scared outside about something. He talks to her in a soothing voice and pats her shoulder/ holds her hand to make her happy. Funny thing is it usually works a lot better than when I do those things. They just have a special relationship somehow.

3. Our strawberries, cherries, and currants

I love it when the children go out several times a day to the garden to pick the ripe fruit. Not much makes it indoors, and their mouths are usually very red from the goodies they found. Delightful.

4. Mozart

A few years back my sweet hubby bought the complete works of Mozart (my favorite composer) for me. Nothing is so soothing…

5. A portable ironing board and hanging the clothes up to dry

There is just something therapeutic about hanging the clothes out to dry and ironing outside while the children play underfoot.

6. Barefeet

Again, it’s just downright therapeutic.

7. Apfelschorle – this is a drink in Germany that I just love. You can get it cheap and it’s not super sweet, but it is VERY refreshing. It’s basically an Apple Juice and Carbonated Water mix with no extra sugar added. Add that to a couple of hours refrigeration on warm summer days, and I’m addicted.

8. Friends – this is actually one of the big things, but God has given us so many really precious friends. Here’s my big boy with one of his best buds. We are so happy that he has this little friend in our church and play date group.

9. Family – ok I’m getting into the big things again. But really, we have such a great relationship with all of our family on both sides of the ocean, and I’m SOOOOOOO THANKFUL for them! Love you guys!!!

10. Fly swatters – there’s a cow farm next door, and without screen doors we get way too many flies in the house. After last summer we stuck our fly swatters somewhere and I have NOT been able to find them! We’ve been squishing the flies with our hands! How disgusting is that!? So I finally broke down and bought EIGHT new fly swatters, and have really and truly been enjoying not having to kill those flies with my hands.

That’s it for now. Somewhat random? OK, maybe so. But still things that God is showing me are special things from Him. I thank Him.


Dee said...

Thats an awesome lesson to learn! Sometimes its easy to get caught up in things that aren't so important!

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