Sunday, May 22, 2011

We're back!!!

We've been out of the country on a 3 week vacation. I had ambitiously planned to continue my giveaways and reviews while we were gone, but due to our travels and internet problems, ahem. Let's just say I was forced to take an unwanted break.

SO, in all fairness to the companies of the last giveaways I'm starting over with those giveaways because I just wasn't able to fairly advertise their giveaways as they deserve. Everyone who has already entered those giveaways will stay entered, but as of today I'm reopening these giveaways for 2 weeks.

Sorry for the long and unexplained silence. But we're hopefully now back on track!

Here's a family picture we FINALLY had made while on vacation! Finally, because this is the first one we've done since sweet little girl was born 2 years ago!


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