Friday, May 27, 2011

Making hair bows myself!

With an almost 2 yr. old little princess and the prices of hair  bows for aforementioned little princess I've decided to try my hand at making them! I am finding that I do not indeed need some sort of degree in something home ec.ish (new word) to do this! I've found some great resources that have simple and clear instructions. And the supplies are minimal and very cheap.

I wanted to share some of the instructions should any of my readers care to make a go of it as well.
My two very favorite free hair bow making instructions are:
1. The Ribbon Retreat has free pictured instructions for the cutest bows ever - don't miss the bug bows instructions!

2.Hair hardware has some excellent videos as well as pictured instructions that make it so easy to make some really nice basic bows. (Scroll to the very bottom of their page for all of the free instructions links).

A couple of other good sites for bow instructions - all free!

Girly Things has a good list of free instruction links at the top of their page
Make Hair Bows has pictured instructions for some basic hair bows
Bows for best friends has a great article for beginners on the different ribbons

I've just started doing this, and so wanted to share it all while it's fresh on my mind! Here's my sweetie wearing the first bow I just made her!


dannyscotland said...

I make bows, too, and it is so much fun! I have probably made hundreds, and even thought briefly about selling them, but I'm not motivated in any way, so that's out of the question. I just make them for my daughter now, and sometimes give them as gifts.

I also know of several shops on Etsy where you can get supplies or hair bows (and one store has them as cheap as $1.50). If you are interested, you can email me and I'll send you the links. I didn't want to link them here and make it seem like I was advertising or something.

Enjoy your new hobby, but be careful, it's addictive!

dannyscotland said...

Hi there! Here are the links that you emailed I should go ahead and share. I have purchased things from all of them.
Little Hailey-lots of hairbows, fantastic prices:
Bloom Creations-gorgeous, extremely well-made flower clips and headbands; pricier but worth every penny (in my opinion)
Ribbon Revelry-lots of ribbon by the yard; nice if you don't want to buy a whole spool
Piggy Tails Boutique-more clips, different style
Charlie's Halo-more clips

I hope that you enjoy browsing them! Thanks for letting me include the links.

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