Thursday, April 14, 2011

Go to the library - or goodwill!!!

I absolutely LOVE to read. In the last couple of years my taste has changed, or more accurately - developed. :) Yes, I'm talking about expansion to children's literature. I want my children to read the best - and lots of it. And there is so much trash and treasure to sort through. Not necessarily "problem" books - just inferior. The "treasure" books are always a great thing to put on wish lists for birthdays and Christmas. And then Grandpa and Grandma or other loved ones can make special memories by reading the little people those books they gave. I still have special books from my childhood (albeit a little worse for the weather) that are 10 times more precious because of a little note from the giver on the inside.

Don't pay full-price! With some exceptions, there is absolutely no need to go spend $20 at Barnes & Nobles for a children's book. You can find many treasures at the goodwill store ($.25 where my mom shops), that don't cost half of what they would new. If there's something specific you're wanting to read your child hit the library!

Collecting wonderful children's books has become a little hobby - and my mother ransacks the goodwill store regularly. We have shelves and shelves of children's books - and we READ THEM!

I hope to share some of my favorites here - along with any possible fun projects that can be combined with the books.

But three favorite authors/ artists for now:

1. Eric Carle - I haven't yet found a book of his that I don't like!
2. Margaret Wise Brown - famous for "Goodnight Moon", but she has lots of others
3. Peter Spier - with amazing detail many of his books are without text, letting the pictures tell the story. We love them.

In Deutschland: Die grosse Wimmelbuecher gucken meine Kinder IMMER sehr gerne an!

Reading a library book by Eric Carle with his German Oma
Ein Buch von Eric Carle aus dem Bibliothek wird mit seine deutsche Oma gelesen


Working Mama said...

Great advice. I love your blog it is so user frienly. Some blogs you can not find where the heck to leave a comment! :-)

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