Monday, March 21, 2011

My Happy Hobbies Tic Tac Toe Giveaway CLOSED

Who HASN'T spent HOURS on a long, boring drive playing this!? "Tic tac toe" and "the ABC" game (you know, trying to find all of the letters of the alphabet in order on billboards/ license plates/ etc.) were staples "in the car" pastimes for me and my siblings growing up. So when I saw this on "MY HAPPY HOBBIES" all kinds of warm and fuzzy feelings came rushing back.

And check out these patterns - ADORABLE! Even if I weren't a huge tic tac toe fan (which I am), and even if I didn't ultimately master the strategy of the game (which I do - jealous?), the absolute and utter cuteness of these tic tac toes would still have been calling my name. Not to mention it being immensely practical not to have to remember to pack a huge stack of paper and at least 1 pencil in your bag.
Tic tac toe chips
I would personally go with the hard plastic on the right.

The tic tac toe "board" forms a pocket for the chips

The tic tac toe board rolls up around the chips and is held in place by this nifty stretchy loop.

These tic tac toe lines are SEWN on - quality quality

My two children are still a little young to be able to play this (3.5 yrs. and 1.5 yrs.), but at the rate they're growing up (sniff sniff) it won't be long. Already I pack slews of things to keep them busy on long trips (often airplane trips across the ocean). In the next couple of years travel games will be added to the "travel bag" - and this will definitely be included.

You've got to look at her shop though. Prices good? Check. Quality good? Check. Useful? Check. ADORABLE? Check. Anyone else thinking what I am? PARTY FAVORS!!! :) She's got lots of neat ideas like this, but like I said - the tic tac toe had sentimental value, so that's what I requested for this review and giveaway.
OK, there were the magic words! I got to review the sock monkey tic tac toe (sock monkeys also hold sentimental value for me!) and there are lots of cute cute cute ones to choose from - and the winner will do just that - get the tic tac toe of his/ her choice! YAY! Thank you to Nancy for being a creative genius - children (and their parents) around the world give you a big shout out - and for hosting a review and giveaway!

The giveaway will end on Monday, April 4th, at which time I will contact my chosen winner via e-mail. Open to USA and Canadian Residents!

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ElizaBeth said...

Little Pocket Tic Tac Toe Game....Groovy Guitar..These would be great in Easter baskets!
eabivens at gmail dot com

teamboyer said...

I love the car wallet and the memory game!

Jennifer said...

I love the Lollidots matching game!!! Everything was too cute!

Ron and Tiffany said...

I love the adorable preschool memory game! Having a little one who gnaws on EVERYTHING, I have discovered the immeasurable value of fabric toys! :D I know it sounds totally cheesy that I picked the first thing on her page, but I promise I looked through everything!

DM said...

I like the owl crayon wallet! So cute!

doodlebugsplanet(at) gmail (dot) com

Xenia said...

The Crayon Wallets are such a fun idea! I think the Flying Pigs fabric is my favorite - too funny!

Kimberly said...

I like the car wallets. Such a good idea

carole said...

this would be great for our trips

Kathryn said...

I love the owl crayon wallet!

Multi-talented Mama said...

I'd go with the Owls Tic-Tac-Toe game. How cute!
dawntaka at gmail dot com

Tirza @ Canadian Mommy Giveaways said...

I love the Crayon Wallet in Zoology print!
Twitter ID: @mommygiveaways

canadianmommygiveaways at gmail dot com

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